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  CHINTAHARAN One stop solution to change your life - Astrology Based on K.P , Divine Meditation , Self Hypnosis , Hypnotic Meditation , Past Life Regression , Graphology , Aura Reading , Pendulam Dowsing , Numero Astro Vastu , Clinical Hypnotherapy & Nutrition Genotherapy
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About Chintaharan
Chintaharan is not only a name but also a mission because in the fast running life of today man is being consumed daily by new cares and anxieties. There is a saying that care or worry is like fire for burning a corpse. You might have grasped the meaning of the saying. Now the question arises whether care or worry may be removed? This also without taking recourse to hypocrusy cheating and superstition. The answer to it is in the affirmative. To remove care or worry we have thought of several measueres on the scientific basis and we have made a successfull attempt to remove care and worry with the help of these measures. In the first place it is to be said to all that one should be a man. Man is that one who can think. One who cannot think can hardly claim to be called a man.

Two words have been used to form the term Manan
  1. Knowing
  2. Accepting
Knowing – This is connected with path of knowledge that is knowing all the things related to spiritualism experiencing all things is necessary and not knowing and accepting all the things that common people do is necessary. For example Adhyatma, that is study of Atma or self. As long as you will not yourselves study and examine the things related to spiritualism (Adhyatma) there will be only deception and deception for you. As per example, what we are being feasted with on the so called religious T.V. channels does not have even distant relation with spirituality. That is only intellectual briliance, speech brilliance and mental brilliance; in the near future its evil result will be that man will lose his power of thinking and reflecting. Therefore, it is your own and not of other’s experience that is necessary and it is that which will be able to advance your further.

Accepting – But to accept the things as they are in people’s knowledge and experience is beneficial. Experimenting with them may be dangerous even to life. Suppose someone told you that a certain thing is poisonous. It will be beneficial to accept it as such. If you experiment with it in order to know it you will lose your life itself. Keeping all these things in our mind we have taken recourse to certain methods based on science in order to make men carefree.

These methods are as follows :
  1. Astorology (Krishnamurti Paddhati)
  2. Divine Meditation
  3. Self Hypnosis
  4. Hyphotic Meditation
  5. Clinical Hyphotherapy
  6. Past life Regression
  7. Aura Reading
  8. Pendulum Dowsing
  9. Graphology
  10. Numero Astro Vastu
  11. Nutrition Geno therapy
There is no substitute to the above mentioned methods of making man carefree. It should be remembered that we have not taken recourse to any other means, of any kind of Tantra, Mantra, Yantra and their performance in making man carefree. Therefore, there is no risk in their use. You are advised to adopt these methods of making one carefree and make your life successful and happy. Telling you in brief about the above mentioned ten methods of making one carefree used by us is essential so that you may understand it well that the basis of these is indeed scientific.